Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Spa Day????????

You are never going to believe what a week I had....

This week have been very challenging!

 It all started on the weekend of 9/6 ..... Chloe, my Maltese got diarrhea. She was so good and went to the door every time. During the night she jumped off the bed so we knew when she had to go. By Sunday she had not improved so we took her to the Emergency Hospital.

                            Diagnosis..... Pancreatitis!

We had two options they could keep her or we could take her home. We told them to give her what she needed and we were taking her home. We would call our vet first thing Monday am. Long story short Monday am, she was well!   I took Mr. Sweetladyelaine to the airport then took her to the vet. Anyway, Sweet Pea started and I was up to my elbows in poop! Not fun......

Wednesday, 9/11,  I get sick with a severe sinus infection.  I did go to the doctor on Friday but it just seemed to be getting worse on the weekend. I had done everything short of over dosing on medicine! Of course, I started stressing because Mr. Sweetladyelaine is coming home  9/19. Then on Monday, 9/23, we are leaving for Houston for a week to go and buy a house!
 This is no time to be sick!!!!!


 Everything is so mixed up in my head. I remembered I would not be home to set an apple table so I was going to do it ahead of time. Somehow I got confused......
Everyone in blog land knows Kathleen Cuisine has given us an apple theme for our September 25th  table.! I was not going to miss this one!
 I have been setting my apple themed table for much of the afternoon. I thought I would sit down and write my blog and later take pictures. I just realized it is next week!  OH MY!!!!!!! I am suppose to set two tables for this week since I won't be here next week! YIKES!!!!
That was the whole idea, but somehow it escaped me! Too much going on in my world!

I need a spa day! Since I can't have one, I think I will sit down and have a cup of soup.
 I need a glass of wine but I am on meds! LOL

My favorite mug, chicken noodle soup, my favorite candle and peanut butter & bread......

Thanks for stopping by.....

Sorry I didn't set a table, but with my week.......

Have a great day!  I need to go and lay down from all the excitement!

I am joining:

Tablescape Thursday with Susan at BNOTP
Let's Dish with Kathleen Cuisine
Thank you ladies for hosting such wonderful parties! I learn so much from my blogger friends.

See you all next week!
 Here I come Houston...ready or not! lol    I'll share houses next week.

Blessings My Friend,

The God of love and peace will be with you. 2 Corinthians 13:11


  1. Oh dear, I can understand the need for a spa day with the week you had. Hope you feel better soon. Dianne

  2. Oh dear, I am so sorry about your puppy and your ill health! I can relate, had a horrible cold last week and was doing crazy things like my mind wouldn't quite work! I thought the apple thing was last week and rushed to do the table only to discover I had 2 weeks to go! We are all busy, try to laugh and enjoy yourself!

  3. Just like you I need a spa dayI I had gallbladder surgery last week and I have had pain and lost strength. Hope you are feeling better and will be ready for you trip to Houston! I love to go antiquing in Spring, a darling town, just north of Houston. Have a good week!


  4. Sounds like a spa day is just what the Doctor ordered! Hope you're feeling wonderful soon...happy house hunting!

  5. I might need the spa and the wine after a week like you have had. Have a good time in Houston.

  6. Spa Day, indeed. You deserve a Spa Week! Hope that you're feeling better. Thanks for reminding me about the Apple Challenge; I had forgotten, too. Buying a new that's exciting. Will you look in the Woodlands many neat neighborhood communities. I had a good friend who is a great realtor there. Her name is Cheryl Sanderson. Let me know if you need a realtor, and I'll get you her information. Happy hunting! Cherry Kay

  7. Wow, you HAVE had a week -- more like a week-and-a-half crammed into a week! Good for you for stopping to take care of yourself. Chicken soup sounds like just the ticket! I'll look forward to seeing your apple tablescape NEXT week!

  8. Treating yourself is the next best thing to spa day...sweet place setting!

  9. My goodness - you deserve a spa day!! I hope things are much better soon!

  10. I hope you are feeling better! I know NEXT week will be better. Take care, my friend!!

  11. Hope that by now you are feeling much better, Elaine! Maybe you can fit in a day at the spa soon.
    Have a much better week...

  12. Today I have been thinking of you....I'm not sure why??
    But please know you've been in my thoughts and prayers....
    Hope you have settled in your new city too!
    Many blessings for today and the week ahead.