Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sunflowers & Apples

I loved setting this table and I want to thank Kathleen Cuisine for the challenge!
I had a rough week last week and it is all behind me. I am in Houston buying a house this week! Hopefully, I will have some nice pictures when I get back to share with you! I am excited!
 I will be in my new house in about a month!
Thank you for all the kind get well messages last week. I am feeling much better.
Now on to my tablescape....
I do not own anything with apples on it or apples in it or even apples near it, so I used real apples!

And the colors in apples......I tend not to buy themed dishes or items to get more use out of them.

 A red charger with a white plate by Gibson and the green plate by Home Essentials and Beyond.
                       I used my sunflower placemats from Wal-Mart, I bought a while back.
                                I bought the white plates at GW and the green plates at OTP.

My centerpiece of sunflowers and apples in a French vase reminded me of flower vendors on the streets in NYC. The tray my Aunt Elaine (my namesake & my Dad's only sister) painted. She & my Uncle Babe live in Surprise, Arizona. I usually have it hung on a wall in my kitchen or on top of my cabinets. There is a better picture of it below.

I never did this before....I carved a place for the tea light. I liked it and would do it again with other fruits! I told you I loved the challenge. I decided I want to challenge myself to make something or do something new for each challenge. Then I won't get stale! LOL
I am not sure how many of you look for ideas on Pinerest but I love that site! I have some of my tablescapes out on it too. I see many of you do too! We need to keep the juices flowing in blogger land.

The sunflowers were going to be napkin holders but decided to put them in the glass with the napkin.
The red napkins are from Savers.

A better picture of the tray and centerpiece. I used different kinds of apples to include all the colors.

This is how my apples were held in my vase. I put garbage bags in the bottom of the tin vase and then arranged  the flowers and apples. Normally, I would have used Styrofoam but I didn't want to go digging in all my packed stuff.

Another view of my sunflower & apple challenge!

I will be joining:
Tablescape Thursday with Susan from Between Naps On The Porch

Let's Dish with Kathleen from Kathleen Cuisine
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Blessings My Friend,

Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us.
 (Psalm 90:17)


  1. Beautiful tablescape. I love using fruit too...and veggies. Asparagus looks awesome just sitting on a candlestick. Thank god for Pinterest! LOL

  2. Hi sweet lady! i think Surprise is such a great name for a town! Imagine living there! Your apple ideas are wonderful. I am going to use your method of adding the apples to a vase! Can't wait to see your new house! Linda

  3. Very nice! I like the way you displayed the apples and made use of the tin vase with the flowers!

  4. So you're coming BACK to Texas! Yay! Best wishes as you go through the move and all that entails. Your sunflower and apple table looks wonderful! I see we were on the same wavelength about using fresh apples to hold candles (in your case) and flowers (in mine.)

  5. You were right. We were on the same track with the apple candles. I don't have any apple themed dishes, either. I also tend to choose patterns that have good versatility. So glad that you're close to settling into your new home. You've had quite a journey. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. Gorgeous table, Elaine. When I think of apples I think of sunflowers, idea why. They just seem to go together.
    Thanks for the hint of using skewers to add fruit to a vase of flowers, don't know why it never dawned on me to use them.
    I am so anxious to see your new home!
    Have a wonderful week...

  7. A very sweet apple table. I loved that you also used sunflowers!

  8. I hope you found a place you like in Houston. If you are new to the area, let me tell you it is a good place to live, especially for a big city. Oh, your table is good, too!

  9. Beautiful! I really like those placemats, so happy...