Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Cup of Tea for Grandma Muriel & Me

This week I am going to share something very special to me.........
 A few years back my dad had given me two pieces of material that my grandmother Muriel Draisey had pieced together with some fancy embroidery. I never could figure out what to do with the two pieces.....I had several ideas and even asked some of my friends that quilted, what to do with them. None of the ideas thrilled me!

About a month ago, I took them out again and looked at them wishing I could use them somehow. I thought of sewing them together to make a runner. After all I do set lots of tables!  

I had been skyping with my friend Donna and showed her them.  I guess somehow we had realized Grandma probably was going to make pillows out of them. To tell you the truth, I didn't want the fabric to get dirty or ruined, so I  was just going to wrap them up again and put them away. Donna suggested I frame them! I was so delighted by the suggestion....

Michael's was having  70% off on framing so I took them there. I want to tell you, Michael's was so great with me. They put on gloves even before touching them. The gentleman helped me pick out everything until I was thrilled with the results. It took time because I wanted everything to match perfectly. Should I tell you some of the material is over 100 years old. Michael's locked the material in a vault!
The results are amazing......just a few side points. I never met my Grandmother. I got to know her through several of the scrapbooks she had made, her Bibles and her fabric. You see my Grandmother was 42 when she died of  breast cancer. My father was 17 and my Aunt Elaine was 13. A terrible tragedy for her children.

I guess my post today is to make sure you leave a piece of yourself for your future generations. I got to  know my grandmother through her treasures.

No one knew she was a Christian until I discovered her sinners prayer in her Bible, all underlined. What a blessing it was to me, to know my grandmother prayed for us and she didn't even know us! Talk about being blown away! I am convinced that through her prayers we became Christians.
I have no pictures of her at this time but what I do have is the love she put into her fabric and her wrinkled Bible pages. For these things, I am grateful!

For tablescape Thursday......a cup of tea for Grandma Muriel & Me!

I am not sure what my grandmother would have liked but I do know she was English so what better way to honor her but to use my "Old Country Roses."

I made Chocolate Chip cookies for the celebration.

I love seeing the china in the silver pitcher.

I am sure my grandmother is smiling right about think that a granddaughter that she never met but prayed for, is having tea in her honor!

Thank you for visiting me today and listening to my story.  It makes me smile that one day I will meet Grandma Muriel and have tea on a cloud with her! Is there someone you are going to have tea with in heaven? I hope so. I can't imagine not having tea in heaven with someone you love!

Thank you to Susan at BNOTP for hosting this wonderful event! Please visit and leave a comment to our wonderful blogger friends. I am sure they appreciate it.

Blessings My Friend,


  1. What beautiful pieces your grandmother lovingly pieced together and embroidered...they look so nice framed. Love your tea I wish I were a tea drinker, but it has to be coffee all the way.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Elaine.

  2. What a beautiful post. I love the idea of framing your treasured fabric...and your room is gorgeous! The blue is striking. Your tablescape is very special, I know you had a wonderful time paying tribute to such a loving grandmother. Thank you so much for sharing your table and story!

  3. A very pretty tea setting! Love the fabrics that your grandmother pieced together. The embroidery is a work of art worthy of framing-enjoy:@)

  4. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. The tea tray is lovely and how perfect it was to frame that material. I was blessed to know all my grandparents. And now blessed with grandchildren and being a part of their lives.

  5. Awww. You are bringing tears to my eyes. I have been going through some things that belonged to my late mother. Framing the pieces is such a great way to honor your grandmother and keep her memory close. The tea tray is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to the grandmother you never got to meet! I'm sure you two will have a joyous reunion in heaven one day! The framed pieces are just stunning -- people just don't do lovely handwork like that anymore. You will adore having them displayed so beautifully in your home!

  7. Your pieces are crazy patch. Victorians used to do this with remnants of clothing and drapes and home furnishings. I am so glad you gave them the reverence they deserve. OOOh to have those is the most wonderful gift. I'm so happy for you and your treasures. How fitting to honor your grandmother with a tea. That is lovely. and I love the roses!
    crazy patch is my favorite type of sewing project! happy thursday!

  8. Oh my, this is such a lovely story and so nice you could make pictures of such beautiful work your grandma's, they look stunning, like modern paintings! I love where you place them too. The tea set is gorgeous, I adore porcelin with roses. She must be looking from up there at you and loving it! Beautiful! Thank you for coming too, sweetie!

  9. Your grandmama is so blessed that you are her granddaughter. How beautifully you have honored her. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  10. Tears are brimming in my eyes and my heart is so full of joy and feeling blessed...I, too, had a precious Christian Grandma that said the name of Jesus as naturally as she breathed...and to a child that later became a Christian herself at age 18yrs...this Grandma was/is priceless...just like your Grandma. However..Grandma offered us children 3/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup hot coffee during our special times with in her honor and memory..I will pour coffee today.
    Michael's did an OUTSTANDING job...can not wait to see this when visiting you this summer. Thank you for the joy your post is bringing me!

  11. I won't even try to articulate how lovely this post is -- just leave you a thank you.

  12. How beautiful..what a lovely idea to frame your've planted a seed in my head!
    I love that pattern on the mom had it too....Good to come visit here again...I've been busy!!!

  13. This is a lovely post! Very sweet.

    You have a beautiful tray and tasty treats. Very special occasion.

    What a delight to have a Grandmother pray for her Grandchildren that were not born yet. I am going to pray for those I know and don't know.

    God bless and I'm praying for you!

  14. This is a beautiful post! I am having fun catching up on past posts. I always loved Old Country Roses, I believe that is the pattern? Your Grandma was smiling down on you for sure. xo,

  15. What a beautiful post. I love the way the framed fabric turned out and your tea was beautiful. I love Old Country Roses also, in fact we just added to our set yesterday. Our neighbour was moving and wasn't going to have any place to put her set, so we bought it. It's now sitting on the floor in the dining room because the tote that's holding our Old Country Roses is already full. Time to buy another tote.