Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Feeling Blue.....

I have been cold since we have moved to Illinois from Texas so I decided today would be another soup day!
 I have making different kinds of soup every week.....such a wonderful comfort food!

Today I made chicken soup and decided to set the table for Mr. Sweetladyelaine & I in dishes I  never used. I bought the flat printed bread/salad dishes on sale at Pier One and the gold solid colored dishes & chargers at Goodwill. The little cobalt blue round dishes (salad bowls) & matching salad bowl were given to me by my mom.  The napkins are from Walmart at Thanksgiving time.
 The glasses are Yorktowne, made by  Pfaltzgraff.

My centerpiece is a pitcher & flowers.
I bought the pitcher in my hometown, Schenectady, New York!
I set the table every night for Mr. Sweetladyelaine & I like this. I think eating at the table all together is something my parents instilled in me and I wanted to pass that along to my daughter. Sitting down to a  family meal is very important. Growing up we had to be home for dinner at 6:00 or else.   It was the only time we had to visit with my dad because he worked two jobs. We didn't always talk, we were together! I do feel that it gives a child a sense of belonging. I use to set the table and my brother cleared. Helping my mom was a natural part of growing up. .We were taught the proper way to set a table.While we were helping, my mom would ask us our spelling words, multiplication tables or about our day. We got two things done at once! We talked! I wonder how much of this goes on in homes today?
Do you eat all together? Did you help your mom and do your children help you ?

My mom always made a green salad for dinner. I guess being Italian it seems bare without it.

Soups on.......
No meal would be complete without homemade bread.
I have had fun sharing with you today.
 I do miss blogging.....
I have been so busy unpacking and then my computer's hard drive decided it was going to start to die!
 I had to go out and search for another one.
I hope to be sharing a little bit of my new home soon. I finally have the living room furniture in place, after two changes.
The kitchen still has dishes & glasses etc. all over. Did I tell you I had 17 dish barrels to unpack?
Later this week I will be sharing where I am hiding it all!
I have a few more things to put away then I will take pictures.
I am getting it done.............just at a snails pace!
Thanks for stopping have been patient listening to me rattle on & on! lol
Have a great week!

I am joining:
 Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.
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Blessings My Friend,


  1. Beautiful table! We cut a lot of corners here on a beautiful table when we get busy with work and school.

    You will get more comments if you turn off your word verication.

  2. I am not sure how to turn off my word verification....I have looked all over my site.

  3. I love the brightness the cobalt beings with the yellow.
    We always sat down to dinner as a family. I did a lot of the cooking when I was a teen, my mother didn't really like to cook, but was very good at it and I loved we were both happy!

  4. Love your new home I am partial to brick. You must have had a wonderful mom to teach you the finer way of life.Love your color combo very cheerful. In love with your birdie.

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  6. I have the new set up and I don't have that under settings. Any other suggestions????

  7. Sorry go to settings and then my account and then scroll down to 2 step verification let me know if that works. Sometimes I can't read the letters.

  8. This is pure sunshine! No one could possible be blue while having a meal at this table!

  9. I love the colors of the plates together! Very warm and cozy. We have more in common than just our names! Both my parents were born in Schenectady, so as children we spent our visits with my mom's Italian parents, and my dad's Russian parents. My job was always to set the table, so I guess that's why I enjoy tablescaping so much!

    Thanks so much for the visit and super sweet comment!

  10. OMG, where in Illinois? Feeling your pain. Love the table though. It's fabulous though. I love love the yellow plates.. and I love your idea of comfort food. Feel better my friend. stay out of the snow and I hope you find a spot for each dish and glass. xo marlis

  11. I actually went to the new set up and didn't like it. I went to help and finally found my account and scrolled down word verification. I went back to my old set up as I know how to do that. Let me know how you make out.

  12. Hey, Elaine! I left a comment on your other post, but I wanted to say something here, too. First, I am really, really sorry you have been down about leaving Texas. I know it has to be a huge adjustment, and I give you all kinds of mad props for doing it. Us Midwesterners are a different breed, but you'll adjust to us soon. Don't worry, we don't bite...hard! ;-) I need to go in search of the post on where you've stored all your stuff. That kind of thing just tickles me pink! Meanwhile, yes...we all ate together as a family every night. My sister, brother, and I traded nights for setting the table and washing dishes. I finally negotiated to wash dishes all the time because my brother and sister did such a lousy job of it. Now that I think about it, they probably did that intentionally because they knew how anal I was and that I would volunteer to do it all the time! Remind me to smack them, please! :-)

  13. Hi Elaine,
    I was hoping you would pop over to see me! I have a new party on Wed. night, Let's Dish! I would love for you to link up one of your pretty tables . You don't have to have new things, use what you have and mix it up. You know I love the Dollar Tree , for a few bucks I feel like I spent a million! And with 17 dish barrels to unpack, I know you have things to share with us

    I love the colors in this table, so pretty . The cobalt and yellow look wonderful!
    So come over and chat with us on Wed. night. April 18th we are doing a table challenge, The Good Earth. Anything that has to do with nature, flowers, birds,or the colors you get the idea!

    You have moved twice in a short period of time, Elaine. It is not an easy adjustment! Give yourself some time!
    Now come over and say hello! :)

  14. Beautiful table! I love the vibrant color and simplicity of your table. And though you are feeling blue but it is easy to observe that youre enthusiastic on tablescaping. I can sense that you decorated your table with passion and love. You did a great job here.

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