Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Among the Rubble

Hi Everyone,
I just realized it was Wednesday and I do not have a table set. Soooo.......I am using my dinner table!

My husband requested split pea soup and homemade bread. He does not eat salad to often but I do, so  I made a green salad. I tried a new recipe for bread and I am not sold! It seemed alot of work for such a little bit of bread. I think I will stick to an old recipe. I found this one on Rustico Cooking under bread. It is a crusty Italian bread. It should have made three loaves but I made two. I did not have bread flour and I used all purpose so that may be the difference. We will wait until the taste test.

The oval  flat dishes were given to me by Shelly,my wonderful next door neighbor when I lived in Buffalo, NY. They are made by Sango and the pattern is Americana Cafe 98. I just love them......I do have the bowls that match but they are not unpacked yet.

The little casserole dishes just say "Home" on the bottom. I bought them at a store in Houston,Texas.
The bread board I bought at a flea market years ago and my husband refinished it and wrote "I Love you" on it! It is Special.....I do not cut on it. I mainly use it as a hot plate.

The only thing I could find to use as a centerpiece was the hurricane candle. lol Packing has been slow the last few days. I realized I have to cook, clean up, take care of the dogs  & wash clothes while I am unpacking. lol
I forgot about all those things! The joy of moving!

Salt & pepper shakers were my mother in loves. The little red bowl I made.....

I love these glasses...they are from Tuesday Morning, after Christmas 1/2 price sale!

My yummie salad...forgot to take a picture of our full bowls. Oh well, you will have to use your imagination!

So happy you stopped by...My little blue bird says "Thank you!"

As always, it has been my pleasure to share my tablescape with you. Thank you for visiting. Please leave a comment as I thrive on comments while I am unpacking. thinking of you all. I am joining Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to stop by and see all the beautiful ideas.....

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Cute table...the pea soup looks delicious. I am thankful that my husband likes salads, we live on them in the summer!
    Hope you are getting everything is quite a chore.

  2. What a yummy dinner, the soup, salad and bread all look so delicious. I love your settings, Elaine, always pretty and cozy and yes, romantic! xo

  3. I'm impressed that you set such a nice table and made such a delicious looking dinner during your move!

  4. I love it! Great table!

    J has been asking for split pea soup. I should make some soon.

  5. Save me a piece of Bread! It looks delish...XO Cindy

  6. Oh that soup! I also love that Italian bread as hubby makes that type of bread too, wow! Love your table, is too cute and perfect. Hoping your unpacking ends soon, it it a very tiring task. I love the pic of yur house and congrats on your move. Thanks for sharing. Hugs,

  7. This is a table that shows us all how "real" home is and how you can put together something meaningful even when busy! This is simply wonderful - thanks.

  8. So glad you posted! I've been wondering how your move went. Is that your new house in your header? Looks lovely! Your table looks very warm and inviting -- can't believe you were able to pull it off while still unpacking!

  9. Your table looks cozy...I think when we moved, paper plates were the dish of choice for quite a while! The soup looks yummy, too. Have a great weekend.
    (visiting from Between Naps on the Porch)

  10. Your soup, bread and salad look so good! What a nice setting for dinner!

    Robin Flies South

  11. Yum, I'll be right over! Love split pea soup and that bread looks great. Thanks for tip, I will check out the Rustico website. Your little bluebird is so cute. Dianne

  12. What a wonderful cutting board, it must make you smile every time you use it. Your menu sounds perfect and I think it is amazing to even make a dinner while unpacking!

  13. I love the Old Country Roses pot with the pea soup! Your delicious dinner is so tempting. The casseroles are great and you are doing amazing to be cooking, unpacking, setting the table, and posting. The table is wonderful and I especially love the salt/pepper and container plus the sweet little blue bird. Happy Tablescaping! Pam

  14. The food looks fabulous.. yummy. The table is so pretty. Unpacking, setting tables, oh gosh. Wonder woman! Your table is so pretty.. xo marlis

  15. What a cute table! Beautiful clicks.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


  16. I'm blown away that you can make bread in the midst of all that packing!!! I recently had to pack up our whole house, and the LAST thing I wanted to do was prepare big meals or do anything complicated in the kitchen. I marvel at people who are able to bake bread from scratch. I just don't have "the touch" when it comes to yeast breads! I think it is very, very sweet that your husband put "I love you" on the bread board. That is a wonderful declaration of his devotion that you can look at and revel in daily! Good luck with the remainder of the packing. I know how icky it can be! Have a good weekend!

  17. I'm impressed that you not only set the shot photos, edited, and wrote your post...all in the midst of moving! Job well done. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  18. I'm so happy you shared your table with us. I'm sure it feels good to be doing something so familiar in an unfamiliar place. Soup, bread and salad is one of my favorite meals! I have to admit I got a little lump in my throat when I saw your cutting board--that is a sweet treasure!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  19. A cute table and the food looks so good!

  20. I love the real setting rather than sets for nothing.

    Real life is fantastic, like yours.

    HOpe you have a wonderful w/end and chillax too.

    Greetings from freezin Stockholm,