Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Quiet Afternoon

I thought about my tablescape yesterday and decided to use my turquoise placemats. I'm not sure HOW I ended up with this tablescape!

But I did have fun and that's all the mattered to me.
My centerpiece are three brass candlesticks I got at GW in Buffalo, NY. Have you ever bought something and just loved it.
                                           I love these!

A very simple table for two.

The glass blue chargers were bought at "Something Special", a store where the proceeds go to a womens crisis center in Houston. The dishes (United Utilities Corp,"Sovereign") are from GW in Buffalo, NY.

A side view. The glass bowls I have had for years. The gold placemats were a gift from my friend, Shelly.

I like to use wine glasses for beverages. I don't care what you drink out of them, they always look elegant!
The pink napkin is a bandana. They were on sale in Hobby Lobby.

A matching bowl.

Coffee or tea??????

A close up of the pattern.

The sugar and creamer.

And last but not least the bluebird of happiness! It was given to me by my daughter, Jennifer.

I hope you had fun looking at all my stuff.  

I am joining  Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday.
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Blessings My Friend,

Don't indulge your ego at the expense of your soul!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Good News!

After 5 months of being unemployed my husband finally got a job!
I want you to know I did not weather this storm very well........I did alot of stamping my feet and crying! I wasn't mad at God, Oh No! I was a hurting puppy with so much stuff to unload! I needed to see that without Him I am nothing. I needed to see that everything is meaningless! Remember we were unemployed last year from December of 2009 until August 2010, then moved here in December of 2010 for that job. My husband was laid off in April 2011-until now!

I have been totally overloaded with everything! I realized focusing on my problems was not the answer. I needed to think of others even in the midst of my troubles. I needed to give to others in spite of my troubles and God would help me. I needed to rely on Him for everything. Believe me what an eye opener! I realized I did not need everything I have........I wanted it! A big difference!
Which brings me to a book I read and would love you to read it as well

Radical by David Platt

Its about taking back your faith from the American Dream.....

We all have a dream of the way its suppose to be....big house, nice cars, cute kids, handsome know Hollywood style! What we don't realize is we have more than half the world! We are rich even if we are poor!
We sit in our big churches being very comfortable.......people in other countries sit anywhere, for hours listening to the gospel and never grumble! They are so happy to hear the Word! Yet in our churches today we all have to be comfortable.....
imagine not spending money on the comforts! How many of us wouldn't go to church???? What about if we didn't have music? Coffee before hand? Fancy stages and sound systems? I ask you, would you go to church?

Am I making you feel uncomfortable? Do you want to stop reading this post?
Is God convicting you? This is exactly how I felt when reading this book!
I questioned my values.......was I reading the Bible everyday? Did I need everything I have? Too many dishes? Were they my idol? Do I love them more than the one that saved me? Furniture????? Did I need or want it???? Did I give of myself to others? Could I have helped my neighbor? Did I need all the shoes, blouses and clothes????? My answer is NO!
I struggled with this for a month or two.......
I challenge you along with David Platt to wake up! Trade in false values rooted in the American dream and embrace the notion that each of us is blessed by God for a global purpose-----to make Christ's glory known to all nations!

I hope if you read this to the end, you will agree with me to open your eyes and see what a misguided road we have taken thinking we need all we have.

What can you yourself in Christ. Read the bible all the way through in a year. Pray for everyone under the sun, our nation and the President. Give away stuff to people who would appreciate it more than you. It is better to give than receive! Be uncomfortable and share the gospel with someone. We all have about the Word over coffee!
Jesus showed Christians what our lives would look like.......we would leave behind security, money, convenience and even family. We would abandon everything to follow Him. We would take up our crosses daily........

I took up my cross, believe me, not like I wanted too! I was kicking and screaming! But God showed me even though I was crying and unhappy......He was faithful. We paid every bill, ate every meal with a roof over our heads......without an unemployment check!He was Faithful!
My hope lies in Jesus. I was not as faithful to Him as he was to me during this time. But I do know this, He never stopped being faithful or loving to me!

The American Dream is while we are on earth...
what happens afterlife???? We can't take it with us.......what happens to it all?????

I know I can live without a few things but not without Jesus!

Thank you for reading my post.......I do encourage you to read this book. It changed my attitude towards how I am living my life.
I pray that God touches your heart through my post and opens up your eyes to see Him! He is in charge of all we own.......

Blessings My Friend,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink & Black Butterflies

Hi Everyone!
I have had so much trouble with this new program since signing up with Comcast. I had to go to my program to get this out here tonight! Frustration at the highest!

I had such a great past few days! I have been working hard on my Esty Shop to get my jewelry out there. I hope you will check me out! I will be adding new things as I get them made.

My inspiration for my tablescape came from some black & white dishes I bought at Marshal's awhile back.

The placemats and ice cream bowls came from the Dollar Store. I used the ice cream bowls as candle holders for a birthday party.

The white plates are by Living Quarters. The pattern is Ridges.

The napkin rings I made! I will be making napkin rings for my
Etsy Shop.

The candle is two candles, one on top of each other and tied in the middle with ribbon. I bought the candles at the Dollar Store for a Birthday Party.

I love this picture out of all of them!

I have a set of four of these glasses. They were a wedding present from a friend in Hawaii. They each have a different flower.

The black vase was my mother's and is sitting on a cake plate from Marshal's.

I would like to thank Susan from BNOTP for hosting this fun event!
I hope you visit as many tablescapes as you can....we love comments!

Thank you for stopping by.....
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Blessings My Friend,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Made The Jump!

Hi Everyone,

I have been very busy the last two weeks...

My family came from Schenectady, New York to Houston, Texas to visit for a week. It was so GREAT to see them. What a wonderful time we had. I will save that post for next week. Then I took a few days off from life to rest and decided during that time to open a Etsy Shop!

Yes, after wondering what to do...I jumped off the cliff and did it!

I have been struggling for years whether or not to open an antique store. I have bought pieces over the years for that purpose. I just feel that it is a big undertaking. I still am not confident to make that big jump! That's when I decided to go small, then maybe bigger and bigger.

My etsy shop has only jewelry at this point, but as I get that all together I may just put out some vintage things.

I am excited about this...I am not sure if anything will sell. But I figure I better at least try or I will never know. Who knows I may do well! If you have an Etsy Shop or Ebay experience, can you share with me. I would love it!

Meanwhile I will be setting my table for Tablescape Thursday! See you then....

Click on the title, "I Made The Jump" to go to my Etsy Shop!

Blessings My Friend,