Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Is Coming To Our Backyard

The header picture looks different from this one....that one was taken in the Spring and now you can see what it looks like in the beginning of Fall.

You know my family looks at Sweetladyelaine to see what's going on in Texas!

That is our bedroom window.... The chairs are always in the sun! Our house is an "L" shape.

This is the garden behind the diving board.  We have alot of mature trees in our yard. Beyond our pool is another lot for our dogs to play.

Another picture of the other end of the garden. Angels Trumpets and azalea's are starting to bloom again.

I love lounging in these chairs....so quiet and comfortable.

Here is our only palm tree! I love palm trees! We bought the one in the pot (above picture) when we first got here.
It has grown quite a bit.

You can see part of this tree in the picture above...roses, roses and more roses.
My evil squirrels watch over our yard! Can you see him hiding?  

This is facing the house. I should have uncovered the chairs.....You can see the diving board in the lower corner. Our covered porch comes in handy when we need to get out of the sun. I love the sun so most of our chairs are in full sun.

I hope you liked looking at my backyard. I'd love to see yours! I am curious as to what people do in their yards. My husband and I love being in our backyard. It is so peaceful for us. We love having people over to swim and barbecue. I think summer was so short in New York we always made the most of summer. I know we will do the same in Illinois!

Update: We have not sold our house and YES!!! I have been looking at houses online. I am looking for a newer house built from 1990 -2011, a master suite, 3 bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, 3 car garage and of course a pretty backyard! I am sure God will find us the right house, right after He sells this one!

Thank you for stopping by.....

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Your home is so beautiful. I hope you sell it soon and fine one just as beautiful.

    We are still working on our back yard. It is a small one and we have some raised veggies beds, but next year I am hoping we can put in a small patio.

    So much to do when you have a home.

  2. Your home and yard are just beautiful! Love the little lanterns, the intimate seating area, and the roses! Our roses were exceptional this year (not just mine but in Colorado in general) but I don't think we can grow palms! Good luck on selling! :)

  3. Such a beautiful back yard and your pool is amazing! I'm sure you and your family have a ball during the summer months!

  4. I love your home! I am in Illinois, so we are full swing into fall...pool days are a long way off!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  5. Looks warm, still? Love your ambiance. So warm and welcoming.

    Hope everyone is in the best of everything.

    Happy w/end.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope your house sells quickly and your move goes smoothly.
    Patrica Ann

  7. I can't believe you are moving! I would never leave this oasis!
    I'm in Champaign, Il- maybe we'll see each other in real life!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  8. I would never leave this oasis!
    I'm in Champaign, IL so maybe we'll see each other in real life!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  9. What a beautiful home! I am sure your next one will be too! You must be good at packing and unpacking! :)

  10. When is the moving date? Are you sure you want to go back to COLD winters?! Your house and yards are gorgeous.