Saturday, July 9, 2011

And Baby makes Four!!!!!

              Our New Addition to The Cariglio Zoo

Her name is Sweet Pea! She was born April 24, 2011. She is a Japanese Chin. Chin means "cat like".

The Japanese Chin’s origin and development is in its native land of China and is wrapped in royalty and adoration. They were bred for the sole purpose of accompanying the ladies of the Imperial Palace and warming the laps of Chinese aristocracy. There are illustrations on ancient pottery and embroideries that are centuries old, and evidence suggests that one could not purchase a Chin – they were kept in the hands of the nobility and frequently given as gifts of esteem to diplomats and to foreigners who rendered some outstanding service to Japan.

Sweet Pea is getting introduced to Chloe

and Caesar.....

Miss Princess Penelope Peanut is not impressed! After all, there can be only one Princess to a household. Everyone knows I am the Princess here!!!! Mommy even said so.

Chloe and Caesar discussing this new addition......Caesar is a Japanese Chin. Chloe is a Maltese.

Her name maybe Sweet Pea but she terrorizes Chloe and Caesar! She follows them all over and they try to run away. lol They are not sure of this new addition!

This sweet baby has turned into Godzilla! She even tries to eat their chicken. She is not afraid of them. She rules!

 I am hoping she will weigh no more than 5 lbs. Chins can be black & white or sable & white. They weigh under 10 lbs. They live 12- 14 years.

She is too cute! They are very easy. You don't have to walk them. You do need to brush them and bathe them. I do all the grooming myself. They can go out but mine prefer using pee pads since we have moved to Texas. She is adapting very nicely!

Hope you enjoyed a few pictures of our latest.

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Your fur babies are adorable, Elaine. I love their names, too. Best wishes on your growing family. I never heard of this breed before. xo,

  2. Cute, cute, cute! They are all adorable little pups, Elaine. We have a chiweenie that weighs about 9 lbs., he is smaller than any of our kitties.

  3. She is just tooo cute. She has a good home with you.

  4. What an adorable puppy! I love Japanese Chin and considered one a few years ago. We ended up with a Havanese -- and she is very cat-like. At 5 pounds, she is also a pee-pad user and I LOVE using them!

    Your dogs are precious!

  5. Best names for the cutest of all furries. Your new baby is adorable. thanks for the background info.. Thanks for dropping in with your kind comments, Many blessings, marlis

  6. Adorable...having a little laugh, you have a Maltese named Chloe and
    I have a golden retriever with the same name!
    Blessings and have a great weekend.
    Shel x