Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Blast From The Past

A childhood friend is coming to lunch today so I thought I would use the tablesetting as my Tablescape for this week.

We haven't seen each other in at least 40 years. I guess life happened and we lost touch. I happened to find her last year on Facebook. I told her I was moving to Texas in December and to keep in touch. She told me she lived in Texas in the 80's and loved it. I never thought anything of it. I just was glad to hear from her and rekindle the friendship of long ago.
 We went to grade school together and she moved to Pa. when we were in the 4th grade. We kept in touch a little while, visiting back and forth. After that I remember letters....... 
When I got married the first time she sent me crystal on the rock glasses with flowers from HI, where she was living at the time. I moved around alot and we lost  track!
She Facebooked me a few weeks ago and said she was coming to Texas and could we get together. YES!!!!
 I started setting my table yesterday, Monday .....well I didn't like it! I changed it a few times (alot) and even thought to use my Blue Garland china. I just couldn't find the right thing! I wanted it to be special....I figured, I may not see her again for another 40 years! I just wanted everything to be perfect....I wanted to bless my friend!

I did take a before picture.

I just felt it looked so plain......I don't have very many tablecloths most of them are white. It needed some pizazz! A big table and nothing on it!

What to do???? What to do???????????

What would you do when you are serving two people and have a huge table? Any ideas?

This is what I did.
 I put our places in the center of the table and removed the extra chairs. It seemed to be a little more intimate. I figured by the time I served our lunch the table wouldn't look so bare. Plus I needed to add salt and pepper, bread and the butter dish.

The menu had to be light but relaxing, not fussy. I wanted to be able to sit down and not jump up and down. So I decided on sliced, breaded, baked chicken on top of field greens with cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion and carrots,  with walnut raspberry dressing, fruit salad, bartard bread, and sweet tea.  For dessert, my favorite, chocolate covered strawberries.

I forgot to take pictures of the chicken and salad. I used the green plate for the sliced chicken. The yellow for our salad. I bought this green and yellow straw placemat at Marshal's a few months ago. Notice I left the blue ruffled placemat underneath. I have had them a long, long time.

I used a colbalt blue charger bought at a thrift store.

The yellow plate I  bought in Marshal's. They are Sweet Olive Design by Jane Adams " Fancy Scroll Collection".

I bought the green plates there too! The napkins came from
The  Salvation Army.

My centerpeice I have on my table everyday. Roses in a silver pitcher. I bought the pitcher at Goodwill in Buffalo, NY.

Our fruit bowl... I love these bowls. They look like little crowns.

My Favorite...chocolate covered strawberries. Delicious! I could have eaten all of them and more! I made them.

We had a lovely time reminiscing. The time seemed to fly by. Since I live closer to the airport she may stay with me the night before she leaves. I will see her again before she leaves. She is staying with friends in Houston an hour away. It was good to see her.
The funny thing about our friendship....we picked up where we left off. Do you have a friend like that? Isn't it so special!

I wish you all a great week...Go find your special friend ande invite her to lunch, you won't regret it!

I am joining Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday

Blessings My Friend,


  1. I think it is wonderful to reconnct with an old friend. When you can just pick up where you left off forty year ago, well, that is a true friend. xo

  2. A nice table and what a great way to rekindle a friendship!

  3. I keep in touch with old friends from school. This year is our 59th reunion. It is wonderful reconnecting!

    Beautiful table!

  4. This is so much fun. And your table setting is really pretty. I bet she enjoyed it too in addition to the food and the company. I have 7 friends from College that I keep in touch with and we are all from 5 states plus Canada.....Christine

  5. You and I were 'on the same page' this week...the joy of reconnecting with old friends. You gave such good thought to the table and your menu. I'm so excited for your friend and you. Cherry Kay

  6. How sweet -- I think your little cloth was the perfect solution for your table for two. The menu sounds most delicious!

  7. I love meeting with old friends too...this must have been a special friend to reconnect after so long!
    Shh, those yellow plates and bowls are truely awesome..
    Have a very happy weekend dear Elaine.

  8. Funny that I posted about friendships today! Loved your peanut butter cookies but was drawn to this post.. So warm and inviting. A perfect menu and table to let your friendship be the shining star! many blessings, marlis