Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone had a great week!

Did you sit at Jesus' feet this week? I am sure you spend a lot of time looking at tablescapes, I hope you spent at least a moment with the one who created you? It is important. What we put in our hearts and what we think about matters. Talking with the Lord needs to be as necessary and consistent as breathing. We must practice His presence in everything. Are you careful about what you read, watch on TV, music you listen to and people you hang out with? Do they encourage you in Godly ways? Did you know that what you allow to seep deep into your soul will affect your love relationship with Jesus and your relationship with those around you.

When we neglect our relationship with the Lord, he doesn't give up on us. (thank heavens!) He tries to get our attention any way He can. Sometimes the only way He can do that is through pain. C.S. Lewis says "Pain is God's megaphone." Try to spend some time with Him today. He's worth it! Your worth it!  Spend time with our Father who loves you.

Well, I have struggled again this week....
I have to do a tablescape????.....No that's not the reason....
I hate...HEAR ME......HATE......Orange!!! I have struggled likeing this color since my grandmother made me an afgan in the 70's of  orange, rust, gold and green! I have hated orange forever! It is so yuck to me....I know, I know.. some of you love it. I have read your posts... but not me!
Every fall I struggle trying to stay away from that color as much as I can. I try to bring in golds, brown and red. Any color but Orange!
Don't get me wrong I like fall...just not Orange!!!
Soooo, I have to try and make everything look fallish without the Orange. Make no mistake, I do have orange pumpkins. You saw my centerpeice for my kitchen table. I just think that's enough! PUMPKINS! If you look back at my centerpeice I used some red apples!
I have to scour the stores for fall decorations with more red than orange. It does make life a little difficult but it is the HUNT that I love! Isn't that the truth!!!
I haven't decorated too much this year because we are selling our house and I don't want to offend anyone. Notice I did not say I put out Halloween decorations, I said Fall. I don't do Halloween decorations. Although, I do give out candy to the neighborhood children and my neighbors are all invited to dinner! It is a fun time!

So are you dying to see my tablescape??????
It is simple but NO... VERY LITTLE ORANGE!!!!

                    We are in the family room at the round table.

  The pumpkin plates are from Walmart last year. I use them as dessert plates but here they are used as salad plates. The napkins I bought at Goodwill.

The plates are Tam O'Shanter ( 1949-1958), I bought them at Goodwill. The placemats are micro-fiber tea towels from the Dollar Tree. I have to admit I get mixed up as to where I bought the's either AMVETS or Goodwill.

My centerpeice is a white Hobby Lobby pumpkin, leaves, apples and beaded fruit from The Experience in Schenectady, New York.
The pumpkin votives are from AMVETS. The centerpeice sits on a  silver tray. The wine glasses are from Tuesday Morning a few years ago.

The candlesticks are all different and were bought at AMVETS and Goodwill. I also bought the candles there too! The one in the back is  crooked. lol

                                 Overhead view of centerpeice.

See, I told you not too much orange!

Thank you for stopping by....A HUGE WESTERN NEW YORK Thank you to Susan for hosting this event from BNOTP! Please stop by her post and visit some of the beautiful tablescapes! See you all tomorrow at BNOTP for another fabulous Tablescape Thursday!!!!

Thank you to all those who stop by and leave me such encouaging comments. I read and appreciate each and every one. Thank you!
Until my next post...
Blessings my friends,


  1. Great job for someone who hates orange :) Love the tablescape. Come by and link up to Centerpiece Wed on my blog today.


  2. I love your centerpiece. I think the whole table is really very lovely.

    And do you know what my favorite pop of color in it is?

    I really do actually like the color.

    (but my favorite part of your scape this week is the written introduction. Just sayin'...)

  3. Laughing about your thing about orange. I think you have a very lovely table. Your pumpkin plates are great and they are ORANGE!

  4. Very fallish, even without the orange, which is one of my favorite colors! I see you stretchhhhhed that napkin out to hide most of the orange...LOL! The centerpiece is very striking with the white pumpkin and red of the fruit.

  5. Too funny about the afghan! She scarred you for life! :-) You genuinely despise the color!!! I must admit I love it, and it is the accent color in my dining room. Even without too much of it, though, you created a wonderful centerpiece! Don't worry...fall will soon come to an end and you can put orange far out of your psyche again! Have a great day!

  6. I love your beautiful tablescape, but I'm coming back when I have a more time to read your devotional! I love Jesus!

  7. What a GORGEOUS table!! I am loving that doily that is under your centerpiece. Just GORGEOUS!!


  8. Elaine, this is gorgeous! I think you should leave this little table set exactly like this when your house is shown to prospective buyers! LOL about your hatred of orange! In my red dining room, I generally go with dark red, too.

  9. well, there is everything to love on your table--it is beautiful! First, I don't do Halloween either. I am planning a "black and white" tablescape in front of my grandmother's old, delapidated guest house. but that's as far as it goes. Second, thank you so much for your inspiring words. You are so right. THere is a scripture in Psalms about not putting anything unclean before our eyes that I always think about. Anyway, you are an inspiration:-)

  10. That centerpiece is just gorgeous!! Very creative and inviting!! Colors look great :)

  11. wonderful tablescape, even though you dislike orange. I love the pumpkin. Great things from Goodwill. I need to get out more. Thanks for sharing! Linda

  12. Wow! love the dish and your centerpiece is absolutely stunning.

    Hope your partner enjoyed the dinner.

    Happy TS, Lady?


  13. You did a lovely job on your Fall tablescape with a minimum of orange. I pretty much got over orange in the 70's...I find that I can work with it a bit if I mix it with blues...complementary colors on the color wheel. Thank you for stopping by my post and for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  14. Hi Sweetladyelaine,
    yes, I know what you mean! There was a time, even in Germany, everything was orange (carneol), green (ferngreen) and chocolatbrown. Everything, from the cooking spoon to the loo brush! If I see something in this colors I know, which time the item came out. A whole era in this colors. I dont need orange, either.
    But orange is different. Yours is very soft and nice. I love the centerpiece. This white pumpkin is a real treasure and sets off so nicely with the red hues of the fruits. And the red takes away from the orange a lot of the brightness. Really clever done. Love your tablescape!
    Greetings, Johanna

    P.S.: Surely my husband got a big kiss for those roses. And another one, because you told me so!

  15. i adore orange, but your table is fab with or without it!

    those dishes? i have one bowl that must have gone with the set. it's my fav veggie bowl!!! how fun. :)

  16. Very pretty! I've never been a fan of orange either, but for some reason this year I'm beginning to like it!? The last few tablescapes had orange and it must be growing on me! (I also love Marty's orange decor!) I could never wear orange though!

    I really like your white pumpkin centerpiece and the lace is a nice touch!

    I'm participating in a Beth Moore bible study, it had LOTS of homework, studying scripture, etc.


  17. I hear ya, sistah....I don't do orange, either. Oh, a touch here and there at or two orange pumpkins but mostly white.. and I have something fun for you..
    Pick up a faux pumpkin, spray paint it red..let it dry and stick round, white little stickies all over it..walla, you have a POLKA DOT pumpkin in the color you like. Tie a cute red plaid or red and white stripe ribbon on top and you are gonna love it. I did one in the black that I love and added a black and white ribbon...I'll show you soon...:))

  18. This is very pretty -- Love that you broke out of your mold and used orange -- and in a lovely way. Love your pretty white pumpkin. Thanks for your visit -- hope things are right around the corner for you with selling your home and moving to WV.

  19. I am with you, Elaine, I don't like orange! I lived through the 70's, and I had plenty of it then.
    Your table looks so pretty, and I love the red for fall you brought in, so pretty!

  20. I'm so sorry about orange!
    You set the prettiest table, and I did see some orange. But it was very subdued and blended in with the other colors so well!
    I am doing a lot of white and natural colors this fall. It is such an upscale and soft look!
    I feel the same way about Mauve and Magenta. Thank goodness there is no holiday that uses those colors... I'd be in big trouble.
    And thanks for the reminder about abiding and connecting with our Lord! Your reminder is like breating sweet air! I just love "practicing the presence of God"!

  21. I really appreciated your inspiration at the beginning of this post.

    You arranged a beautiful centerpiece and lovely tablescape. I like those dinner plates. That's a really nice white pumpkin, too.

    All the Best,


  22. Such a wonderfully festive tablescape! Love that white pumpkin.

    - The Tablescaper