Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dinner & a Movie

Now that I feel human again, I decided it was time to entertain some very special people. I wanted to do something a little less stressful for me and fun for each of us. The two couples I invited knew each other, but really never sat down and broke bread together.

An Italian feast & a movie seemed just perfect........I'm Italian and I could cook Italian! So my menu was easy..... Ziti, meatballs, sausage, homemade bread & a green salad. I made a pound cake, sliced strawberries & pineapple boats for dessert.  I even remembered the whipped cream!  Picking out a movie was simple, "The Life of Pi". I hadn't seen it and I wanted too!

Now to pick out the DISHES! Anyone that has been a blogger for a few weeks knows that is the hard part! lol So many to choose from and so little time to get it all looking good! My husband solved my problem after a few days of indecision. He is so good at making up my mind! Everything went according to plans and we had a wonderful time! BUT.....

Long story short.....I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!!!!

So today I reset set my table for you to see!

I decided on a cream tablecloth and a red runner for my Italian feast.
 I wanted it elegant but comfortable, nothing to fussy!

The dishes are American Cafe. They were given to me by my friend Shelly from Buffalo, New York. My husband chose these dishes because he said,"They looked like gangsters"! lol

 The grape & leaf motif on my wine glasses carry my Italian theme. The wine glass next to it, I used for  water & soda. I love wine glasses and use them a lot. It makes me feel classy drinking ice tea out of a large wine glass.

This is the American Cafe bowl. I used it for salad. Notice the bowl is oval.....

 I am all about bling, so I had to use a hint of  silver for elegance. Wedding presents from long ago.

                           I love my Princess House salt & pepper shakers!

I really like this picture taken in the mirror.....you can see my front door & hall closet.

 I thought I would share some basic tricks to teach your children/grandchildren how to remember what goes where on a table. My mom taught us very young and I have been forever grateful! I have been in situations where adults looked around anxiously at everyone, to see what silverware they should use.

Trick #1 - If you hold your hands in front of you, touch the tips of your thumbs to the tips of your forefingers to make a lowercase "b" with your left hand and a lower case "d" with your right hand. This reminds you that "bread & butter" go on the left and "drinks" go on the right. Once I remember on what side the bread & butter plates go on, then I remember salad plates too!

Trick #2 - Knife blades alway face the plate.

Trick #3 -Don't get thrown by all the silverware!  Silverware is used from the outside to the inside. The dinner fork is placed at the left of the plate. If a salad/appetizer fork is used it is placed to the left of the dinner fork. Your first course will be a salad/appetizer.

Trick #4 - Napkins can go in several places...They can go to the left of the fork, under the fork, on the plate or under the plate hanging down slightly. Always put the napkin in your lap.

We are causal in our house but I do set a proper basic table every time we eat even when we are using paper plates! I believe manners should be taught at home and used at home, then they become habit.

Thank you for visiting me. I am sure it will take me awhile to get back to posting on a regular basis.

Please leave a comment so I can visit you too! I need to catch up on everyone's activities.
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Blessings My Friend,

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty".  Psalm 91:1


  1. Elaine- your home was warm & welcoming! Your homemade sauce & bread was so tasty! Not only was the food delicious...but the care in which you set your table made us feel special. It was the perfect meal and great company! John is such a light-hearted guy- he made us all feel at ease. Thank you for opening your home to us! The movie was PERFECT! Brought a tear to my eye!

  2. So nice to see a post, Elaine. I bet you guys had a great time! xo

  3. Love those ganster dishes...lots of great colors to work with.
    I always try to set a proper table, too!
    Have a great week, Elaine...

  4. Sounds like a fun evening! Love the plates and the silver pieces. You have a pretty spectacular chandelier, too!

  5. What a grand evening you must have had, love, love love your happy happy dishes. The touches of silver are wonderful, and your Chandelier I'm droooooollling.... fondly ~lynne~

  6. Love your darling dishes and your husband has a great humor like mine! The "Ganster Dishes" name gave me a chuckle. The table was very pretty and what fun to have wonderful Italian food. The dinner and a movie is always great with friends. Thanks for sharing and I love how your family used your hands for teaching children manners on setting the table!

  7. I laughed about forgetting to take pictures. I do that all the time and have to reset the table. I'm glad you reset yours because I really do think it's lovely. The plates are some of the most interesting I've seen,, and I love the fact that the bowl is oval. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

    And I loved your little tutorial. I have to be honest that it regularly freaks me out that people don't know the bare minimum like where the fork, knife, and spoon go. I mean it REALLY freaks me out. I can't imagine a mother not teaching that. Yet, I see people all the time who honestly don't know even that simple thing.

    Anyway, talking too much.
    Loved your table.
    Welcome back!

  8. Hello there, Elaine! I think it's SUCH a good idea to teach little ones about how to set a proper table. So few actually get to see one these days as many young parents fall under the label of a "takeout generation." If young kids see it and get used to it, chances are at sometime in their life they will want to call it up into service. Not to mention that they need to know these things for later in life when they have a job and lunch meetings and such. VERY important to feel comfortable in those situations.

    I like the gangsta dishes!!! Oh, no, wait...not "gangsta." GANGSTER!!! There IS a difference!!! :-) Don Corleone would be proud! I love that they're drinking martinis!!!

    Very nice, Elaine! Thank you for going to the trouble of recreating the table so that we could see it!!! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Love those plates! Look nothing like gansters! (hehe)
    Your home looks so pretty...
    hope all is going well with you dear Elaine...