Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yorktowne Memories

As I sit here unpacking my Yorktowne dishes, I am thinking how much I love them!
I bought them 35 years ago when I was going to get married to my daughter's father.
I got rid of the husband but kept the dishes! lol

 I bought a 12 piece place setting and had put the rest of the pieces on my bridal registry. I received almost all the rest of the pieces for shower gifts. I didn't want china, we could buy those later on when we went overseas. (young & foolish) I ended up buying a pieces here and there and soon had a place setting for 24.

 Last year I just gave my daughter a place setting of 12. I gave her blue glasses to go with them and I kept all the Yorktowne glasses, canisters and  serving  pieces. Only to tell her I would give them to her the next time I went home. They are getting to heavy for me. I need a lighter set of dishes. Little did I know I was to become a dishaholic!  lol
Maybe I did have a hint in the back of my mind! lol

A tablescape I did using Yorktowne dishes in my Buffalo house.

I wonder how many of you really love one set of dishes....I mean a very special pattern?
Is there a story to tell? There almost always is.....

 I remember setting my Christmas table with them for years. It was always so pretty. This was before I had a laptop so I don't have any pictures to show you...I wish I did. You could see my first house that I bought with the help of my Dad. A little two bedroom bungalow. I loved that house. I lived there 6 years before I had met Mr. Sweetladyelaine.

I am so glad I have these memories of my Yorktowne dishes. Funny but my daughter loves them too!
They are the dishes she grew up using and now she can use them in her own home.
I hope they will be cherished as much as I have cherished them. I never worried about breaking them. I would just go to Goodwill and buy another. lol

I have been absent for a few weeks and I have so much to share with you......Hope you don't mind!
Moving and unpacking has taken up most of my days!
I am happy you haven't forgotten me and that you stopped by....

Stop by again.....

Blessings My Friends,
Memories...that's all we have......make them good ones!

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  1. Pretty, I love blue and white! And the memories make them more special! XO Cindy