Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something To Think About

                                He has RISEN!
                           He has RISEN indeed!

I hope you had a great Easter!
My husband and I had a wonderful, sunny & restful day! I didn't want to have a traditional Italian Easter sooooo.......
We went to church, had a yummy breakfast, went swimming and BBQed steak western style! We had so much fun! Maybe because we did something out of the ordinary. I want to make good memories, its all we have to leave our loved ones!
How did you spend your Easter?

 On April 18th, my friend Kim died suddenly. It was on the same day my Dad died last year. I guess I have realized life is short and God can call us home at any moment. I have been thinking about all the people who don't know Jesus. I know Him and I am on the road to knowing Him better! Do you know Him? Do you know if you are absolutely, positively going to heaven??? Not sure?????? A little doubtful?
I know Him and I am going to heaven!

 How Do I Know I Am Going To Heaven????

 Jesus answered, " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6) 
 Acts 4:12 says, "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

We must accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Then start a personal relationship with Him, by reading the Bible. That's where we get to know who He is and His promises. Start reading the Four Gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

I don't mean to get on my soapbox, but I think it is important for you to think about. I want to know all my friends are going to heaven when they die. I want to spend eternity tablescaping with all of you. Don't you?

I felt led to share that with you today.

                        NOW MY TABLESCAPE!!!!!

We are in my kitchen at the round table.

The little green wine glasses I bought at Goodwill in Buffalo, NY.

The chargers & white pleated plates are a Goodwill find.

The napkins I purchased at Goodwill in Texas. The placemats were given to me by my neighbor, Shelly from Buffalo.

I love the white pleated plates! I use them often. I am glad I bought them.

This green plate I bought in Marshal's for my last post. Do you see the raised bump? It keeps the odd shaped plate from rocking on the white pleated plate!

My beautiful bowl.....I only have two. I bought a placesetting for two at Marshal's.

I just love the swirls of gold.....

The tea set matches.......

My centerpiece...the swan is from Avon..I bought it at Goodwill for .99 cents. The vase & roses are from my living room. One of my favorite colors is vanilla. The mirror, I have had awhile.

A last peek.....

Thank you to Susan at BNOTP for hosting this fun event.
 Make sure you visit the other fabulous tablescapes.

 Sweetladyelaine thanks you for visiting her today.
I am looking forward to visiting your sites.

Remember to Thank God for everything He has given you!

Blessings My Friend,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

I pray that you will have a Blessed Easter with your loved ones....
Remember, why we celebrate Easter....

                 "He is not here; he has risen!"Luke 24:6

Blessings My Friends,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tablescape Thursday and I need help!

Hi all,
This week has certainly kept me busy......

It's already time to play with my dishes. I bought new ones in Katy at The Home Goods Store!
I'm not sure if I have shared this with you but we have not found a church and are very concerned. Anyway, this past Sunday we visited Redeemer Community Church! It was wonderful...the people we met were friendly and just loved on us. I have to admit we were needing it!  Pastor Mitch Maher greeted us and asked us where we were from and named our old church...The Chapel at Crosspoint! The service was great! The problem...we drove 45 minutes to get there!!!!!
On the way to church I spotted a Home Goods Store and you know me...I had to stop! so we did...

Now I will admit I love the dishes but I am NOT happy with the centerpeice! It is just not me....I know all of you will love it! It's a little too much for me.....you decided. I like simple.

We are in my dining room. The wall color is like a cadet blue. A little dark but dramatic!

This picture has a green salad plate.

This one has a yellow salad plate.
 The napkins I bought at Salvation Army here in Houston.

The yellow plates are by Sweet Olive Designs;
 Fancy Scroll Collection.

The green plates are Artistic Accents.
The placemats I bought in HomeGoods. They have a green center.

I bought these dishes because I loved this little crown bowl.

I need to thank Susan at BNOTP for hosting this fab party!
I have alot more pictures.....

I just can't show you any more pictures because I ran out of room on Picasa Web. Does anyone know what to do...I really don't want to buy any more space. Does everyone have this problem? If I delete my pictures from the album it deletes them from my blog. I thought blogging was free...

I am a little confused on what to do!
Please leave me a comment.....

Blessings My Friend,

Monday, April 4, 2011


I am not sure how you ladies get everything done and still post! I am running around like a mad woman.....please tell me your secrets!!!!!

I want to join a few blogs on Tuesday and then of course Tablescape Thursday...but I never have enough time!

You must not sleep...or do anything but blog!!!!!

Oh My.....I am exhausted!

I started really early today in setting my table. I changed it a few times. I have good ideas, but never the stuff to make it come together. I try to focus on details but I guess I don't like when a table is overcrowded.
I always use my tablescapes for dinner.....whether its just the two of us or for company! This is my living room.....

 I hated putting a TV in my living room but I liked having my morning coffee overlooking the pool. I had an end table between the two chairs and moved it to the family room. I love having small tables all over the house to enjoy a cup of tea or a bite to eat. 
In Buffalo, I had the two chairs in my family room with a oak round table between them. I loved that! It overlooked the backyard and pond. Now the round table is in the kitchen.....

It is a very simple table....... the tablecloth was my inspiration. Or should I say the piece of cloth. I bought it at Goodwill with the intentions of covering a bench with the material. I realized I wanted an all over print and a different color on the bench. So I now will use it as a tablecloth! I used a different centerpiece in the picture below.

A silver tray is used as a charger with a dinner plate from Bella Lux, "Alexandra Gold". I added the Alexandra Gold bowl.....

This is a clear scalloped plate that has three roses in the center. I think my mom and I bought them at the Dollar Store. I have a place setting for 12, she has a place setting for 24. We bought them alike that so if we needed to, we could put them together for a party!

The green dessert plate is vintage. Our neighbor gave them to my mom and she gave them to me. I use them at Christmas. I have 12.

The teacups match the dessert plate. I do love the color!

The green bowl is a gift from my Aunt Emily, years ago. I have always loved green & pink glass. I just never had enough money to collect it. Now, I'm glad I didn't because I love mixing and matching dishes.....Thanks to Tablescaping.

 If I told you I am eating Blue Bell ice cream would you believe me??? Yup, I am.... Southern Blackberry Cobbler. It just sounded so good to me and since I have to stop and think while writing this I decided to indulge myself. lol

Well, I hope you are up to something good this week....love that you stopped by. Please stop and chat again. I love hearing from you. It gets lonely in Texas with no friends!

A BIG Thank You to the ladies hosting these wonderful events:

 Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday
Katherine at Lady Katherine Tea Parlor for Tea Time Tuesday
Wanda Lee & Pam's at A Breath of Fresh Air for Tea Pot & Tea Things Tuesday
Suzanne  at The Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday

Blessings My Friend,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Perfect Day.....

Yesterday was a really nice day. A perfect day, really.

 My neighbor, Ruby, came over for coffee and we did alot of girl talk! Five hours to be exact! I loved it! We ate banana bread and drank coffee.... It was a really relaxing day and I needed it! I miss my friends in Buffalo and I am so glad God sent me Ruby. She has lived in Texas for only a year, so we are new together!
She really is a gem!
I am getting to the good part.......

My husband came home from work and we had to bring his car to the dealer, make a stop at the pool store and mail some letters at the Post Office.
I was following him in my car and on the way out of our development I saw alot of stuff on a lawn.....my heart was doing leaps! We stopped at the stop sign and kept going. Oh well..... I did spy a green cabinet that I liked and hoped we would stop on the way home (more like talk my husband in to it).
 My car has a mind of its own and it will stop at every garage sale, estate sale, trash can it finds along the way! lol

Not my hubby, but.....

When we got to the car dealer, my husband jumped out of the car and excitedly said "Did you see all that stuff on the lawn". 
 Me, casually I said, "ya". He said, "We're going back!!! I saw a chair and attached desk I want to look at"!  Me...."Oh really"?????

Now you must know.......I am a trash hunter...... I have learned to act like I don't care...but my heart was pumping so fast I thought he could hear it! He WANTED to stop!! He wanted too!!!!

After our errands....we STOPPED! We asked how much she wanted for the chair /desk combo and would you believe the lady said "just give me a donation"! A donation???? WOW! I never heard of that before....at least not in Buffalo! I was like a kid in a candy store...so much eye- candy!

I was looking around and chose a few things. Meanwhile my husband gave the lady $20.00 and was off with HIS purchase! I have to admit I was shocked!

I wanted the green cabinet but it was gone....there was a white one but another lady wanted it. I should have offered her more money but my husband took our stuff and ran.

This is what I came home with.....I wasn't too excited...I was ecstatic!!!!

AND MY HUSBANDS PURCHASE.......drum roll, please....

It needs some work, so we will see what Mr. Wonderful comes up with. This will be his first big project. I can't wait to see what he does.....it will be at least a year before it is complete! He has so many projects to do!

The best part of all this....

The picture is a Thomas Kinkade!!!! It has the Certificate of Authenticity on the back! I was jumping up and down!What luck!
We have several of his paintings and I was not aware of it when I picked it up. What a great surprise........

I'm not sure what I am going to do with everything but I do know you will see it here. I will put them all over the house before they actually have a HOME! I am like that......
I am happy with my teasures...I hope you enjoyed looking at them.

 Now get out there and bargain hunt!

I am linking up a little late with Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things....
Thank you for visiting Sweetladyelaine. I do love when you leave a message and chat for awhile.
Blessings My Friend,