Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Running Ahead of Myself

I am into so many things this week I hardly have time to breathe! I have taken a bunch of pictures this week to share with you. Mostly before and afters! 

Thought you might like to see what I see out my kitchen window. The flowers in my yard are beautiful!
My nephew, John went to Italy and brought the Cafe, Latte and
Zucchero set back for us. My husband and I brought the little houses back from Scotland. The ulu is from Alaska. The ballerina is green and from Occupied Japan.

I am going to try to join other blog events for the first time! Wish me luck!

I hope you will sit for a few minutes and read my bog and enjoy yourself........we all deserve to do something for ourselves everyday! I figure if your reading this you MUST be a dishaholic!

I love teacups and have been saving them since I was 16. I do have quite a few but no where to store them. I am working on that!
For now they are on a shelf in a bedroom upstairs (not practical). Slowly as I share them, I will bring them down and have to do something with them! I am hoping this moves me to go and buy a china cabinet to store them.....

Today I want to share two of my favorites.....

My husband bought me the teapot. The cup was given to me by my Aunt Elaine.....

Of course my favorite color is pink....I do love blue & burgundy  too! This cup & saucer is Royal Albert "Pitcher Plant".

This beautiful black & gold teacup is Elizabethan. The only other mark is Made in England and Fine Bone China. There is a little gold "2".

The two plates are a new purchase. We bought them in a shop that was going out of business in Old Spring, Texas.

Both are signed by Marjolein Bastin.

The teapot has two sides. I thought I took both but I didn't. I guess you will see it in another post!

This is my favorite picture!  You can see my new clock.

I would like to Thank

 Susan at BNOTP for hosting Tablescape Thursday
Katherine at Lady Katherine Tea Parlor for Tea Time Tuesday

I am not sure how I find out who does what but I am learning!
 I am ready to take the next step!!!

Thank you for visiting Sweetladyelaine...I enjoy visiting your blogs.
Come back and to see my progress!
Have a wonderful week

Blessings My Friends,


  1. The flowers in your yard are beautiful indeed !I love the teapot , it is very Spring like !Thank you for sharing your teacup collection and thank you for visiting my blog and writing such a kind comment.
    I enjoyed my visit here !

  2. I am not a tea drinker but do love tea cups...the one from your Aunt Elaine is truly beautiful.
    It sounds like you are finally getting settled into your new home, Elaine.
    Have a great week!

  3. Wow what a beautiful teapot and teacups. Love your collection. Everything looks so lovely.


  4. Hi Elaine! I think you traded up in terms of scenery for sure. We had snow again here in NY.
    I love that set your nephew brought you, so pretty!
    So are you adjusting? It looks beautiful there!

  5. Yes, I'm one of those who believes one can never have to many dishes...I love the ones you've shared, they're beautiful. Your garden view is wonderful, how nice to enjoy it each morning.

  6. I love that your childhood collection has become an adult passion. Lovely things. Cherry Kay

  7. What beautiful things! You've done a wonderful job of putting them all together.

  8. Hi, Elaine! Your husband has very good taste in teapots! What a beautiful pattern! You have many beautiful teacup sets, and I'll bet it is such a joy to just be able to sit back and take a little time for yourself in style. Hooray for "me" time!!! Your flowers in your yard are quite lovely. That's wonderful that you have so much in bloom already. We still look like Siberia here. :-( Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. I do hope you will enter the giveaway! Those are really, really nice dishes that could do well for so many occasions. Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing your best spring tablescape soon!

  9. Such lovely tea cups and teapot! You arranged it so beautifully!

  10. What pretty tea cups, and teapot! I love the pretty flowers too. You are making me want to get a cup of tea! Thanks for stopping by:-)

  11. Oh my! You are showing us so many beautiful things! All of your teacups are just gorgeous!! And the teapot, oh be still my heart!

  12. Love your pretty tea setting -- those cups are beautiful. Your new home is looking so pretty.