Thursday, January 22, 2015


I am not sure you consider everything wonderful that happens to you, a blessing from God but I do. Last Saturday dear friends drove five hours, yes, I said five hours to visit us for the day!
Donna & Kurt live in Louisiana! We have been friends for at least ten years.
We met them in Buffalo, New York.

They brought dinner and a King cake for my husbands birthday which is the 24th.
We had a great time!

We were blessed that day in so many ways. I can't begin to express what that visit meant to us.
That visit lifted my spirits so much that I decided to set a table for Valentines day.
By the way, I did set a Snowmen table for Donna & Kurt! I forgot to take a picture. LOL

Today, I used two different dinner plates but the same red charger, a green depression glass salad plate and a little pink plate.

Both dinner plates are Johann Haviland china.
 I haven't looked up the name of this one.
I bought two of them at The Thrift Store.

 This is one of my favorite plates......I use them alot!
I saw them at Old Spring, Texas  for $12.00 a plate!
I had to leave them behind........

The pattern is  Rose Moss.

Just a secret between us......
The pink flower plate is plastic.
 I bought twelve of them in Wegmans in Buffalo for dessert plates for our bible study.
I was buying paper ones every week and decided to save money.
The fruit compote was found at The Thrift Store. I bought eight!

A pretty pink goblet....also from The Thrift Store! I love that place!

My centerpiece is sitting on a piece of fabric that came from a fancy Panetone! I received as a gift years ago and ate the bread but saved the material! I am glad I did.

This is one of the pretty gifts my Louisiana friend, Donna brought me.
 She made chocolate covered pretzels!

 A very simple table bursting with love of friends!

Next time they come I should set a valentines table for them but I guess I just did!
Thank you Donna & Kurt for your outpouring of love! We love you!

I want to thank my blogger friends for stopping by and please leave a comment!
 I love to see who visits me!

Blessings My Friend,

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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Peacock Cup

Happy Monday!

I have been a little bit busy lately. Just thought I would share a very pretty cup from Pinterest.
I seem to go there when I need ideas and I am never disappointed. 
How about you? Do you go there just to get ideas or to dream.........or both!
See you in a few days. I will be setting a table!

Blessings My Friend,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lost & Found

It appears to me with all the moving I wonder how I keep track of anything!
 I have forgotten what I actually own. 
Well, I know what I use to own, just not what I have given away!
I sometime search for things only to remember I sold them in my store. 
And so the saga goes on...........
How do you keep track of what tablescaping stuff you own?
Are they all in one place or all over the house like mine?

I bought these "Fantasia" Princess House luncheon plates years ago.   
When I was unpacking awhile back, I put them in a blue bin of their own in a closet. 
This week I dragged them out!

 I started out with a simple white plate used as a charger. These happen to be my favorite.
They are Living Quarters "Ridges".
I tried silver, red and green chargers but somehow I did not like the look.
 So white it is......................................
Now I'm looking back and I could have put the chargers under the white plates for dinner!
Anyway that was not in the plan! lol

                  I love the poinsettias! I could use them the whole season........

I also have the cup & saucer and dessert plate/bread & butter plates.

    The centerpiece has my favorite flowers in an urn with mercury & crystal Christmas trees.
                                                            I love Christmas trees!

                            My tablecloth was a gift years ago. I love cross stitching.
                            I know, lots of work went into making this and I use it every year.

Princess House was a crystal party that was hosted by a friend/neighbor who invited all your friends/neighbors. In return, they came to all yours and you went to all of theirs!
You ended up going to more parties than you really wanted & spending more money than intended.
At the time being a single mom, it was a night out for me!
That's how I started my collection of Fantasia! I bought one thing at a time.
My mom did the same thing, so between both of us I ended up with a place setting for eight!
I also have Princess House decanters, brandy sniffers and a Christmas ornament.
Do you have any Princess House?

A vintage crystal serving plate that I bought years ago.

 I thought I'd share a picture of my chandelier that is over my dining room table.
 My husband takes it down every time we move and puts it in our new home.

A last look at my table!

Thanks for stopping by.......I look forward to your comments!

I will be joining:

Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Blessings My Friend,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Just an Outside Peek

Today was a gray dismal day out. The kind you just want to curl up with a good book.
I decided to not curl up with a good book since I have not been up to par the last week.
I decided to do a few jobs that I have been putting off!
You know, the ones!
 The the oven! It is a matter of pushing a button!  I hate the smell, so all the exhaust fans and overhead fans have to be turned on. It's a senseless chore!
The others........
Getting my sewing machine out to see if it works so I can fix a few things.
Putting a snap on the bathrobe that has been without it for at least a few months
and showing you my front door.
It has been a wonderful day to accomplish things!
 I either forget to do or never seem to have the time to do.
This is the last thing on my to do list!

A few pictures of my front door decorations!

I did things a little different this year. 
I changed the color of the mesh from red to gold and added a lot more ornaments.

We put a white tree outside

 And we added a red chair with a Christmas pillow and a lighted snowman.
                                              The urn has the same flowers as last year.

We were taking in the decorations and I snapped a few!
Notice the tree and chair are already inside.
I needed the tree to dry out. It has been a rainy last few days.

           I am not too happy with the wreath and will change it for next year.
           I guess you live and learn.
          The mesh is too puffy and I'm not loving the ornaments. It looks too much like last year's!

This is a picture from  last year
We had moved in November 22. 
Look at how much that rose bush has grown this year!

I am happy the way the garland turned out this year. I will improve a few things for next year.
There is always room for improvement!

Have a great day! 
Blessings My Friend,