Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have been busy.......

But not tooo busy to TABLESCAPE!!!!! A BIG Thank you to Susan from Between Naps On The Porch!!!!!! Please visit as many tablescapes as you can...and don't forget to leave a comment! We love your comments!

Where do I start....I guess...sharing what I have been up too. Here in Western New York the weather has been changing and sooooo I am getting itchy too work on fall things. We still have not sold our house so I feel like I am on hold. I am not doing well...
I have viewed some of your makeovers, tablescapes and fall venues and I am sooo wanting to go in the cellar and drag out fall things! I have been refraining but I am not sure how much longer.......
I have been cleaning out and trying to keep my mind centered on moving but .....the weather is pushing me to do a fall redo.
I have to admit, I wanted to do a fall tablescape but I did not! I was a good girl and did not unpack a single thing this week.....I am patiently waiting for the sale of our home. Stay tuned because there is always next week! I guess God is really fixing me...I know it is in HIS time and not mine! I am just trying to push a little. I wonder if HE is laughing at me....I can drive myself pretty crazy. Once I unpack...I am doomed! I envision Fall, Thanksgiving and then Oh my...CHRISTMAS! Do you know how many Christmas trees I have????? Oh, dear!

Ok, for now I will stay on track and tell you about my NOT FALL tablescape. I will admit I went to Goodwill and purchased everything so I would not unpack ANY FALL decorations. I don't have that many, but you get the idea.

I set this table during the week so when my husband came home on Friday we could have a romantic table.  I then reset it for tablescape Thursday. I decided since I  spend the time to set this table I am going to use it.
This is so pretty..I don't think the pictures do it justice! I took these all at night.

The charger I bought at Hobby Lobby last year. The plate is Desert Rose by Johann Haviland.

This green plate was given to my mom by a neighbor and then given to me. It is depression glass.

Notice I am layering for the very first time!!!!

This glass has a pale green bottom. It matches the leaves on the Desert Rose plates. Goodwill had only two! 
They were 49 cents each.

I bought this hurricane at the Christmas Tree store at Colonie Center in New York a few years ago.
I change the look from season to season.

The candles are a Goodwill find. I put red tea lights in them. They came with white tea lights.
They were brand new! I bought all six.

I tried to take the reflection in the window but it didn't come out like I thought. I have layered the white tablecloth which is vintage over a burgundy one.

 I love doing tablescapes but I have to admit they are getting harder for me to put together. I really need to brainstorm for new ideas. I try to visit as many of you as I can. You all inspire me. I don't have the linens and dishes you all do. So bear with me and you hopefully you will see me grow!

Thanks for stopping by........I want to Thank Susan for hosting this fun party! Remember to visit
Between Naps On The Porch.

Blessings my friends,

Pray for one another...we all need prayers!


  1. Looks like you have a great collection of linens and dishes! I think you can use one set a million different ways, anyway. This is a beautiful table!! I love that green depression glass too. I know how it is waiting for something, as we are in that boat, but let me encourage you:-) He always knows and has your plan in the works as you wait!

  2. Elaine, I hope things start getting better for you. I know it is difficult to be on HOLD. What a sweet table for you and dh! You were so good not unpacking, LOL!
    Prayers to you!

  3. How pretty -- perfect for a romantic dinner for two! It's so hard to be patient when you're selling a home -- good luck! I hope that this move will go well and soon you'll be tablescaping from your new home!

  4. This is such a pretty and romantic table! I love the floral plates and your tablecloth is lovely.

    I am a fellow New Yorker (central NY). I hope your house sells soon so you can re-settle before the holidays hit!

    This is a great table and without even cracking into your already packed boxes!

    Good luck with selling!

  5. What a pretty table! Good luck with the house sale. I hope you are able to unpack all your lovely things very soon.

    My suggestion would be to find some really unique paper plates and try tablesapes in disposible until you can unpack!

  6. Beautiful china...the green depression glass plate looks really nice over it. You found some great dishes at the thrift store...they are my favorite place to shop.
    Hope you sell your house soon so that we can see what you are hiding in your packed boxes!

  7. I love that you used found stuff. The depression glass plates are beautiful!

  8. This is just beautiful! I love the rose china layered with the green! You have a knack for tablescaping, don't give up! I know you must be antsy waiting to sell your house, having things packed away, etc. The holidays will be here before we know it! A hard time to be "on hold!" You have a great attitude and a lot of faith! It will happen!!


  9. The green of the glass plate is lovely against the pure white with the beautiful pink roses. I pray that God will pour His favor on you and bring you a buyer quickly...for the perfect price according to His perfect will...In sweet Jesus' name...Amen. Thank you for sharing your charming design. I can't believe that you found it at Good Will! Cherry Kay

  10. What a pretty table! You did such a lovely job with the layering. I hope that you are successful with your sale soon. I know how hard it is to be patient.

  11. Love the layering on your "not fall" table! The way the central floral pattern shows through the green glass plate is so pretty -- loved that photo! Best wishes on selling your house soon!

  12. I'm glad you weren't too busy to tablescape! This is so pretty and, yes, very romantic! Isn't it amazing what can be found (on a good day) at Goodwill?
    Congratulations on remaining patient, as you wait for the house to sell (been there, and I know it's not fun).

    Hope your weekend goes well.


  13. Elaine, your table is very nice--I can't believe you found it all at goodwill--even the haviland? Hope things get better for you soon! Linda

  14. You really are being good. The roses on the china are so pretty and the green depression plates just add to the lovely table. I know you have already given us a reward with this beautiful table.

  15. I never thought that the green depression glass can look so rich and warm in that kind of combination. I must hit good will as well lol...